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About Us

The family has been involved in the meat industry since 1986 and formalised the establishment of Agricomm in 1992. For the past 30 years we have focused on forming key relationships with both suppliers and customers alike. Investments into the beef industry have occurred where we felt it was necessary to safeguard the maintenance of quality, reliability and integrity across our offerings. Our business continually strives to ensure that all stakeholders – our customers, suppliers and employees – associated with Agricomm benefit from our partnership.

Continuing the trend of strong, integrated growth, Agricomm has recently expanded into the seafood sector with substantial investments in production, processing and value-adding. This development provides our customers with continuity of quality supply across an even broader range of products and services that will help their businesses grow and prosper.

Agricomm has an extensive network of suppliers and currently export to over 20 countries, sourcing the most appropriately specified and priced product for any prospective end-use, from trusted, long-term preferred producers and processors, meeting country requirements and market specifications. We ensure food we purchase, process or manufacture satisfy the optimal quality, safety, environmental and social benchmarks. Our range of products are designed to give our clients the point of difference they need to be successful in their business.

We work closely with industry bodies to ensure sustainability practices are adhered to for the long term viability of product supply.

Now more than ever we believe that the flow of information for our partners is the key to success, in the ever evolving and dynamic global marketplace. We pride ourselves on providing that extra insight into market trends and developments to ensure all stakeholders make the best informed decisions on a daily basis.

For thirty years, Agricomm has taken considerable pride in conducting our business in a responsible and ethical manner.

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